As a company established in 1994, Onepolar has become a well-known professional outdoor sports gear brand and the sole gear provider of the mountaineering team in the past decade. Onepolar strives to surpass the boundaries of innovation by keeping abreast of the latest technology and using the finest materials. Our aim is to create the best possible professional exploration apparel, footwear, backpacks, equipment and accessories designed for enthusiasts who love the thrill of adventure.

Being the designated outdoor gear provider of famous mountaineers and adventurers all around the world, we share the same belief – safety is the prerequisite of expedition; professionalism is the guarantee of safety. To this end, Onepolar never stops pursuing a more comfortable, more durable and more professional adventure experience for its’ customers through using the finest and most advanced materials, providing customized tailoring, incorporating innovative design, construction and exceptional workmanship, and operating strict quality tests and continuous evaluations. Each Onepolar product is an embodiment of uncompromising quality and exceptional craftsmanship for expeditions. Onepolar has therefore established trust and reputation among the world's most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders, endurance runners, and explorers.


Onepolar's devotion to outdoor gear innovatione extends to a loyalty to evironmental protection as well. We reduce waste of resources on earth by making sure all our products are designed to be as durable as possible. We pride ourselves on our green packaging materials. Our vision is that along with the joy of adventure exists the importance of wildlife conservation. Every employee is educated on green practices such as paper saving in the office to returning used rocks to their original places to maintain an untouched nature. All of these ethical values of Onepolar are encouraged because we simply simply believe in one life, one earth.